The Idealliance India G7 Expert/Professional Training and Certification Program in Mumbai marked a historic significance in a rather fragmented indust 

The Idealliance India G7 Expert and Professional Training and Certification Program, conducted by Steve Smiley in Mumbai, was a significant milestone  

Toyo Inks India, a subsidiary of Toyo Ink Group, Japan celebrated its 10th anniversary on 25 October 2016 in Delhi. The celebrations brought in printe 

“Brands need to work harder to have a personal relationship with the consumer. That is a big challenge. HP digital printing helps brands develop 

Universal Robots (UR) is a fairly new company founded in 2005 and has brought in a brand new technology called Collaborative robots or co-bots meaning a man and a robot working together and they are t

Most of the MNC food chains in India are growing very fast and have ambitious growth targets for the near term. However, they might not find the future growth path very smooth if a critical aspect of