On 6 July 2017 at the new Wetzikon plant, which is a 30 minute ride from Zurich airport, Bobst and Radex announced the formation a new joint-venture d

Last year at the PDIT Conference in Mumbai, packaging designer Rob Vermeulen ended his presentation with a photograph of the plastic strewn beach at J

Delhi-based signage and display firm Colour Mate Digital installed the Esko Kongsberg C60 3.2-meter digital cutting table in April 2017. They are the

API, a global manufacturer and distributor of foils, laminates and holographic materials operating from 13 locations across Europe, American and Asia,

After years of searching for a 3-D printing tech that is up to the challenge of sneakers, Adidas came upon a startup called Carbon Inc., which has raised $222 million to date. Instead of the plodding

In the automotive industry, it is crucial to have packaging solutions that deliver ultimate protection for high-value goods and parts. From engines to small mechanical elements and decorative interior