Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the New Delhi-based research and advocacy organization, organized a book release and discussion in Guwahati, 

The 3rd reason

The Mint on 18 May 2016 carried an excellent article on managing human capital risks effectively by Vivek Nath and Urvi Shriram of Wills Tower Watson, 

Packaging South Asia is a monthly magazine that concentrates on all the technologies and application segments of the packaging industry. It gives you access to the latest developments in marketing and packaging design, innovations, processes and techniques

Patanjali Ayurveda (Rs. 4000+ crore) is FMCG’s most salient brand, and the most analyzed. A spectrum of theories tracks its rocket-like rise &md 


Pakistan-based dairy producer Fauji Foods is the first to introduce its tea creamer in the brand new Ecolean Air Aseptic 125 ml package. The two companies signed one of the most comprehensive deals in

What do most folks in India do with PET mineral water bottles after using up the contents? They either dump it in a trash bin (if there’s one close by) or keep it for reuse, which is quite hazar