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G7 is the simple and practical way forward in color management

At the recent one-day print optimization and color management conference at PackPlus in Delhi, it became clear that printing by numbers is a hot topic. Sorry to say it, but the topic is really a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t a printer adopt a method, technology or way of working that can save
on substrates and inks, lead to faster make-readies and approvals from the customer and lead to better quality? Why will a brand owner continue to prefer Light, Standard, Dark (LSD) for quality assurance when he can specify quality in numbers or Delta E tolerances as brand owners such as
Proctor & Gamble already do? Yes it will take some effort and time to upgrade the print ecosystem in the country.

The good news is that this process has already started. IppStar held various seminars and courses including 5-day color management certificate courses at Don Bosco, Delhi and Anna University, Chennai in August 2007. Since IppStar became the Indian affiliate of Idealliance, it conducted Color Management Professional training in Delhi and Mumbai for 60 technicians in 2014. It organized the brand owner and converter meetings in Delhi and Mumbai with Steve Smiley in February 2016 since it is the brand owners who need to be sensitized to the desirability and the possibility of printing by numbers. To demonstrate the practical ease of the G7 method in achieving color standardization we again invited Steve Smiley. Smiley who is one of the best color trainers and practitioners in the world and has worked extensively with leading global brands came back for training and demonstration of the G7 standardization process in December 2015.

More companies are joining Idealliance India daily. The color management lab in Noida and its two in-house engineers are getting ready for the Mumbai training so that as G7 color management Experts they can also help members in their best practices and color standardization efforts.
There is strong demand for the seats for the 4-day training in Mumbai from 20 to 23 September 2016 with 12 of the 25 training seats already booked. Join Idealliance India, register your designated technical personnel for training and globally recognized certification. After this course the Indian print industry will have its own local G7 Experts who can consult. Together as an industry we will walk the talk.

– Naresh Khanna,

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