Increasing opportunities for packaging of ethnic Indian snacks

Be Indian, Snack Indian

In an increasingly globalised world the assertion of traditional food choices is a forceful expression of national pride. The Japanese have their noodles, the Koreans their sea-weed and now the Indian diaspora their Haldirams. Today, India is recognized as one of the largest snack-food markets in the world. With an organized market of Rs. 1,530 crore which represents just a tenth of the humungous 3,00,000 tonne unorganised market, snack foods in India represent a huge business opportunity.

July 18, 2013 | By Deepak Manchanda

There is a popular jingle for a well known brand of mouth freshner which goes ‘Mooh mein Rajnigandha, kadamo mein duniya.’ (Rajnigandha in my mouth, the world at my feet.) This unambiguous expression of national pride in our traditional food represents a kind of reawakening in urban Indian society and more particularly among the NRI diaspora about everything that is desi and asserts the ancient wisdom of which we are all proud. ...cont´d

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