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Brand integrity is one of the major issues facing producers and marketers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, otherwise known as FMCGs. If you look up FMCG on the Web you’ll find that Wikipedia says that FMCGs are “products that have a quick turnover and relatively low cost” meaning that they are cheap, but there are lots of them. Consumer products are goods such as shampoo, toothpaste, sweets, soft drinks and cleaning materials,as well as things like light bulbs and DIY goods. FMCGs are just about anything you can think of that doesn’t lastvery long or cost very much, writes Laurel Brunner.

May 18, 2007

The packaging for commodity FMCGs tends to change frequently in order to catch peoples’ interest and to enhance a product’s visibility in a crowded and fickle market. Packaging is increasingly integral to products because it can help sell them. Packaging is a marketing tool which is why FMCGs are the mainstay of the packaging printing industry. ...cont´d

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