March 23, 2017
Naresh Khanna

4th drupa Global Trends report 2017

Print price and margins are under pressure globally – not just in India!

Messe Dusseldorf’s 4th ‘drupa Global Trends’ report is available now. The survey is based on talks with nearly 1200 participants who visited drupa in May of 2016 although they were interviewed later. It is claimed that the survey represents a good cross-section from all the main market sectors and regions – 839 printers participated, with 525 from Europe and 314 from the rest of the world. The 331 responding suppliers included 220 from Europe with the rest from all the other regions. Printfuture (UK) and Wissler & Partner (Switzerland) assisted Messe Düsseldorf in conducting and authoring the report. Published below are excerpts from the executive summary. All graphics are a copyright of Messe Düsseldorf/C Tillmann.


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